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LUMA Translation Agency

LUMA Translation Agency has been existing at the translation services market since 2004.

For such a long period, we have successfully proved that our translation agency and our written translation services guarantee:


-       QUALITY








We focus on translation services in the following subjects:

  •            TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS (descriptions, manuals, GOST standards and technical specifications, instructions, drawings, schedules, charts, etc.);
  •            LEGAL DOCUMENTS (agreements, powers of attorney, constituent documents, applications, acts, certificates, information letters, etc.);
  •            ECONOMIC, FINANCIAL AND BANK DOCUMENTS (bills, bills of lading, invoices, reports, balance sheets, statements, etc.);
  •            MEDICAL DOCUMENTS (certificates, medical reports, diagnoses, sick-leave certificates, patient information leaflets, etc.);
  •            SCIENTIFIC TEXTS (articles, reports, dissertations, draft projects, research studies, etc.);
  •            FICTION LITERATURE AND PERIODICALS (books, magazines, newspapers, articles, etc.);
  •            WEBSITES;
  •            LITERATURE FOR SPECIALISTS (chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, oil refinery, building and construction, IT-technologies, etc.);
  •            PERSONAL DOCUMENTS  (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce  certificates, work references, driving licenses, ID cards, diplomas, school diplomas, etc.);
  •            STAMPS, APOSTILLES, SEALS, etc.

Translation and its notarial certification (certification of authenticity of the translator’s signature). Notarial certification of copies.

At a client’s request, the translation can be certified by the Notary Public or by our Company’s Seal.

Certification of the translation correctness by our Company’s Seal is free of charge.


The cost of notarial certification of authenticity of the translator’s signature is RUB 500 per 1 document.

The cost of notarial certification of a copy of translation is RUB 90 per 1 page. 

Contacts: Belorusskaya Station, 2 Butyrskiy Val, office 215, tel. (495) 97 000 76


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